How many times have I confessed to being the worst correspondent? Personally I’m having a hard time believing that my most recent post was in Sept ’12! How can I have failed to write about all the great shows and events that have occupied HRM’s cultural calendar these past 7+ months!!?? Forget about the learning curve of a new position, staff turnover, a nasty production schedule that had us launch the season with 3 shows in 3 weeks… All that is just work and we should be able to roll up our sleeves and push through it.

My little family!

What I recognise is a shift in my time management priorities: for the many past months my usual writing hours – evenings and weekends – have been devoted to house and home, meaning sitting in front of the computer has taken a back seat. What more needs be said: life is effervescent, and I’ve been enjoying (immensely!) watching my little ‘uns grow!

I promise to stop promising to improve the regularity of my correspondence… We’ll just let it ride and see where it goes.

So… It seems like our season is book-ended by “creation” events: we started with STIR, a really exciting creation lab that gave birth to a lot of fun ideas (not to mention the seeds of a wick’d collaboration between choreographer, Deborah Dunn, dancer, Elise Vanderborght, and composer, Lukas Pearse) and are concluding with 3X3X3, which is a Candance Creation Exchange Project. Three choreographers from three cities contribute three works to a shared program that shines the spotlight squarely upon up-and-coming dance artists. With financial and administrative support from the CanDance Network, this edition is a first collaboration between Live Art Dance and our esteemed partners La Rotonde (in Quebec City) and Tangente (in Montreal). The concept is pretty simple: each presenter champions an artist from their community who contributes work to a program that then tours to each others venues. The rewards are great: the artists get to share their work with new audiences while being engaged by their peers in the process, and the audiences get to see work by up-and-comers who rarely voyage beyond their immediate horizons.

Jacinte Armstrong presents Falling Off the Page, which she performs with the always stunning Susanne Chui. Inspired by calligraphy and being in the present, this is a gorgeous piece that features two superb dancers well-tuned to each others presence. The work was originally presented via the Kinetic Studio’s Exploration program and featured a series of film installations by Jeff Wheaton. Check out a short video: Small Brushes by Jeff Wheaton (From Falling Off the Page)

From Quebec City comes Maryse Damecour with another exceptionally performed duet from a gifted young dance maker. Damecour’s work straddles the boundaries between dance and theatre and plays with notions of identity, fear and solitude.

Dorian Nuskin-Oder made her way to Montreal via New York, and now calls la Belle province home. Interested by the power that cinema holds over our visual landscape, she is fascinated by the idea of re-purposing film/ideas as a method for framing and contextualising her choreography.

Three sharp works full of punch; I can’t wait to see them onstage together! Check out the show, April 25-27 at the Sir James Dunn Theatre.

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