Sports betting is a fun and why not say risky way to try to win money and add excitement to sporting events.

But to win by betting it is necessary that you follow a series of guidelines and advice that will significantly increase your chances of victory. If you are a casual bettor, this may not interest you, but if you want to win long-term sports betting, you should keep reading.

Gambling is a true exercise in self-control. A lot of people who lose money gambling do so because they get carried away. A bad streak, a bad decision and the intention to recover what was lost in a short time ruin our bank.

To avoid this, we have brought you our 5 tricks to earn money betting.

Bet on sports you know

Looking at the statistics of previous clashes between two teams is not enough to know their real form. Losses, future matches, or the rival also greatly influence the options of winning a bet or not.

It may be that a tennis player has an important winning streak but that he has to face his black beast of recent years.

An undefeated soccer team may have to play on a field where they have not won in recent years.

Those kinds of details make the difference when it comes to seeing value bets from which you can get a lot of benefit.

The favorite does not always win

always win

It seems obvious, but this brings us back to the previous point. Knowing the sport you bet on is vital.

If we give an example we can look at the 2018 tennis season. Nadal faced Fognini in the Barcelona open in April, with Manacor being the clear favourite.

It was logical. Nadal has a long history of winning on clay and it is his favorite surface. The only ones who could argue with a victory for Nadal on clay would be Dkojovic or Thiem. In addition, Nadal has won the tournament 8 times, all the more reason to call him a favourite.

What the betting houses did not take into account is that Fognini had already beaten Nadal on clay a few months earlier in Rio de Janeiro and also came from obtaining good results against important players. For someone knowledgeable and who knew how to bet on tennis, these data would be enough to make them see that the Italian’s high odds were much more attractive, and it was. So much so that Fognini eliminated Nadal from the tournament, beating him by two sets to nil.

.Do not stay in a single bookmaker

The bookmakers want you to bet with them and only with them, appealing a bit to loyalty. They try to offer you promotions and prizes with freebets to keep you loyal to their cause. But we recommend that you be independent and look for the best odds for the markets that interest you.

There are certain differences between bookmakers when it comes to odds and these can vary greatly in certain markets. Don’t just look at the 1×2 or match/event winner market. There are many others that deserve your attention.

Make simple bets

Make simple bets

Combination bets may seem like a great way to make money quickly, but they are also a great way to lose it. It is very difficult to hit combinations of more than 4 teams, especially if they are at odds of around 2.00.

Do not become greedy and if you do combinations, they are at low odds in each selection. If not, you will lose money in the long run.

We recommend that you single bet most of the time if you want to make money in the long run.

Do not make “safe” combinations

It is common among bettors to put selections in their combinations of clear favorites to increase the odds of the combination. This is an error since as we have said before, the favorites are just that and they are not infallible, which is different.

This is done a lot in tennis and soccer and it is not worth it as the added risk of one of those favorite theorists shooting is not worth the extra profit we would get.

In tennis, for example, it is common to bet heavily on the favorites in the first rounds of prestigious tournaments, where they often face little-known or low-ranked players. But they are very risky bets, because a lot of money is bet at low odds and if you win, you win little and if you lose, you lose a lot.

It is preferable to look at some young talent who has arrived in good shape and who has favorable rivals to bet on.