Chess, the popular board game is a great way to improve critical thinking skills. It can also be used to wager and earn money. Put 22Bet to good use by learning about chess betting.

What is Chess Betting?

Chess is a calculative board game that is played by two people, and chess betting is the act of placing bets on an outcome of a chess game or tournament. In this kind of betting, bettors try to predict who the winner of a chess game is by their past games and skill. 

Bettors can also bet on the next move of a chess player, the time taken for a player to win a tournament, or the specific chess tactics used to win.

How Does Chess Betting Work?

Chess Betting

To enter the chess betting world, bettors need knowledge of chess. Chess is a game that requires critical thinking. Bettors need more than background knowledge to wager on chess. 

Bettors must have a solid understanding of the following:

Rules of the game: some rules govern how the game is played like with most games. 

Tactics and strategies: bettors must learn tactics such as the pin, fork, deflection, pawn structure, etc. 

Practice: playing regularly helps to horn the chess skill. Bettors need to make it a habit to play frequently. 

After perfecting chess skills, bettors can engage in physical or online betting. The physical can happen in the park, schools, recreational centers, etc. The online can happen on websites, apps, sites, etc. 

Chess betting works by choosing an opponent of your choice and placing a bet in support of them. 

Types of Chess Betting?

The following are the types of chess betting:

Live Bet: in this type of betting, bettors place their bets in real-time. This means the game is wagered on as the game is being played. 

Move Bet: bets are placed depending on the next move of the chess player. 

Tournament Bet: bets are placed on the overall player of a chess game tournament. In this type of betting, the stakes are high and so is the profit. 

Round Bet: tournaments happen in rounds. Each round pushes the game closer to the overall winner. In round betting, the game is wagered on the winner of a round and not the overall tournament. 

Risk Management in Chess Betting 

Chess Betting

Managing risk in betting is easy and effective. Some of these are listed below:

Set a budget: set a betting budget and never exceed it. This helps with discipline and saving money.

Spread your Bets: sometimes, skills are not enough to win a chess betting game. This is why bettors must place several bets to reduce the loss. 


Chess betting provides a fascinating opportunity to play the game on a new level, offering a new layer of excitement and pleasure for both chess lovers and bettors.